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Longevity Industry Ecosystem in Israel 2023 Report
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Medicine, Investment, Policy 

Explore the "Longevity Industry Ecosystem in Israel, 2023" report for an in-depth look at advanced medicine and innovative biomedical technologies, quantitative market trend analysis, and insights into regional market segmentation.


Discover advanced scientific convergences between aging and organ healing, and learn about the therapeutic approaches intersecting with practical healthy human longevity. Join us on this platform for an expert evaluation of a high-growth, dynamic industry.


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Key Insights from the Report

Dynamics of Clinical Trials in Israel, 2001-2023

Since 2000, listed more than 1,766 trials with sites in Israel. The country has attracted pharmaceutical companies from around the globe which aim to conduct clinical trials of their products. The average level of clinical studies until 2022 was pretty stable, with around 300 trials per year. However, as a result of the COVID-19 restriction, clinical research has been temporarily reduced by 30% in 2021.


From the beginning of 2022, 278 new trials are registered, and 16 of them continue recruiting. In 2023, the number of clinical trials will stay at the same level. 

Top International Companies Conducting

Clinical Trials in Israel,  2023

Israel is a major hub in the Middle East region for pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials. Most companies have one to three active trials in Israel, as of 2023. Among them, we found lead international companies that have over 10 simultaneously ongoing trials. Merck, AbbVie, Janssen R&D, and others provide their clinical research in Israeli locations for cancer, heart failure, kidney disorders, and other chronic diseases in Phase II-III, which is towards the end of the process where safety and effectiveness are measured against existing standard treatments.


Five of the pharmaceutical companies with the most clinical trials in Israel – Merck, AbbVie, Janssen, Roche, and Novartis – have about 50-100 clinical trials underway. Roche alone has 33 trials underway in Israel, accounting for 1.5% of the active trial population across its global studies. 

Proportion of Digital Health Companies in Israel by Product Type

Among all selected digital health companies in Israel, most of them offer mental health solutions, which are mostly telehealth options. The second place takes general health solutions, which are not only patient-centric as most companies in the list, but some are also clinics-centric (e.g. Ademrius).


An even percentage of digital health companies in Israel provide diagnostics, cardiology, and rehabilitation services. They are medical devices, software, mobile apps, and online platforms. Other health areas covered by digital health companies are obesity management, orthopedics, diabetes, and addiction management, accounting for less than 10% of the market each.

Proportion of Digital Products by Health Areas

Proportion of Digital Products by Health Areas

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