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Deep Knowledge Group Unveils the Israel Longevity Industry Ecosystem IT-Platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Israel Longevity Industry IT Platform, a groundbreaking collaborative initiative between Longevity International, Deep Knowledge Group, and Aging Analytics Agency with support of Vetek (Seniority) Association, ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society) and the Biogerontology Research Foundation.

This state-of-the-art platform serves as a comprehensive hub for resources and information on Israel's thriving Longevity ecosystem, aiming to empower stakeholders such as investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers with valuable insights to better navigate the rapidly evolving industry. It features interactive, filterable and searchable databases of more than 1500 key Israeli Longevity Industry players, extensive filterable and searchable databases of Israeli Longevity companies, investors, R&D centres, medical centres, non-profits, clinical trials, conferences and thought-leaders, and its associated report charts major trends and key developments to keep an eye on in the Israeli Longevity Industry Ecosystem in 2023.

Our journey towards the development of this platform began with the publication of "Longevity Industry in Israel 2019", a first-of-its-kind analysis of the Israeli Longevity sector. Since then, our collaborative efforts have evolved into this state-of-the-art platform, bridging the gap between stakeholders and facilitating connections among researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. Building on the success of our previous 600-page report in 2019, we have updated all information, added new insights, and transformed it into an interactive platform.

The "Longevity Industry in Israel 2023" report features a comprehensive Longevity Industry Framework, covering the full scope of companies, investors, and research and development activities within Israel. This framework facilitates an in-depth understanding of market trends, segmentation, and geographical analysis, ultimately assisting in strategic business planning.

The report provides a thorough examination of the Israeli market, focusing on advanced medicine and innovative biomedical novelties. It offers a quantitative analysis of market trends, product types, materials, and applications, as well as an overview of scientific and technological convergences between ageing and organ healing. By presenting a one-stop expert evaluation of this dynamic industry, the report highlights its significant growth potential. The report explores the reasons behind Israel's success in this arena and the potential obstacles the Longevity industry may face, while remaining optimistic about its prospects for growth.

Meanwhile, due to the overwhelming importance of of the Longevity Finance Sector to the industry’s continued growth, maturation and stabilisation, the"Longevity Industry in Israel 2023" IT Platform features a dedicated section on the Longevity Financial Industry in Israel, highlighting the crucial role of investment organisations, accelerators, and incubators in fostering the growth and development of the Israeli Longevity sector.

This section delves into the unique dynamics of Longevity investment organisations, which specialise in supporting companies, products, and technologies that address the challenges of ageing and promote Longevity. These entities play a vital role in driving innovation and providing financial backing to projects that have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

The report also examines the accelerators and incubators operating within the Israeli Longevity landscape. These organisations provide invaluable resources, mentorship, and support to help Longevity-focused companies develop their products, scale their operations, and achieve their business objectives. By offering access to expert guidance, funding, and networking opportunities, accelerators and incubators contribute to the success and growth of the Longevity Industry in Israel.

By exploring the Longevity Financial Industry in Israel, this section of the report provides a comprehensive understanding of the key players, trends, and opportunities in the investment ecosystem. This knowledge is invaluable for investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers looking to navigate the complexities of the Israeli Longevity market and identify potential areas for growth and collaboration.

The platform offers a wealth of information and interactive data, covering various aspects of the industry, including:

  • Companies: Detailed profiles of startups, established companies, and organisations focusing on Longevity and geriatric care in Israel.

  • Investors: Comprehensive information on investment firms, venture capital funds, and individual investors with interests in the Israeli Longevity market.

  • R&D Activities: In-depth analysis of research and development centres, academic institutions, and innovative projects in the Longevity sphere.

  • Non-Profits: Profiles of non-profit organisations and associations working towards the advancement of the Longevity industry in Israel.

  • Clinics: A curated list of geriatric and Longevity-oriented clinics offering specialised healthcare services across the country.

  • Media, Journalists, and Influencers: An extensive database of media outlets, journalists, and influencers shaping public opinion and promoting awareness about the Longevity industry.

  • Publications and Patents: Access to a wide range of publications, patents, and intellectual property related to the Longevity field.

  • Clinical Trials: Information on ongoing and completed clinical trials focused on Longevity and geriatric care.

  • Ratings, Calculations, and Projections: An analytical overview of key performance indicators, market trends, and projections to help stakeholders make informed decisions.

In addition to offering an in-depth understanding of the Longevity landscape in Israel, the platform encourages user interaction and collaboration. Users can contribute to its development, engage in discussions, and stay updated on the latest advancements and opportunities within the industry.

The Longevity Industry in Israel IT Platform features an in-depth evaluation of Israel's current global status in the Longevity field, as well as its future prospects. Israel is quickly emerging as a global leader in Longevity research and innovation, thanks to its advanced healthcare system, strong emphasis on scientific research, and high life expectancy.

With a life expectancy of 83 years, which surpasses the global average of 72 years, Israel is well-positioned to play a significant role in shaping the future of ageing and Longevity. This impressive life expectancy can be attributed to the country's advanced healthcare system, which supports a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting health and well-being throughout the ageing process.

Israel's global standing in Longevity is further bolstered by its robust network of research institutions and universities dedicated to studying the ageing process and developing novel treatments and therapies to extend healthy lifespans. Esteemed institutions like the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv University are spearheading Longevity research in Israel and contributing to the global scientific community's understanding of the ageing process.

Key Industry Trends and Take-Aways from the IT Platform

The Longevity Industry in Israel IT Platform highlights key industry trends and takeaways from the dedicated IT Platform, providing a snapshot of the current state and future prospects of the Israeli Longevity market:

Geographic Distribution: 1,766 active clinical trials are ongoing in Israel medical sites. There are over 220 ongoing collaborations from 40 countries around the world. Israel has the most robust cooperation with the USA (43% of trials), the European Union (21%), Switzerland (11%), the United Kingdom (6%), and Japan (4%).

Tel Aviv's Dominance: As Israel's capital, Tel Aviv holds the top position in every sector of the Longevity market, hosting the largest number of R&D hubs, biotech companies, clinical trial providers, advanced clinics, and diagnostic centres.

Sector Distribution: The Medical Devices sector is the most dominant subsector, accounting for 36% of Longevity R&D companies in 2021. Telemedicine, the second-largest subsector, experienced a 3% increase in representation in 2020, making it the fastest-growing subsector.

Clinical Trials: Israel attracts pharmaceutical companies worldwide for clinical trials, with approximately 350 clinical studies conducted annually. The primary areas of focus for clinical research in Israel are oncology, cardiological disorders, and gastroenterological disorders.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Israel is at the forefront of technological development in the digital health sector, particularly in AI implementation. A significant portion of digital health companies in Israel are using AI in their products, with 146 Israeli AI companies operating in the healthcare market segment. These companies have collectively raised $847 million in funding, with 67 having raised one or more funding rounds.

In summary, our comprehensive IT Platform showcases the rapidly growing Longevity Industry in Israel, highlighting the country's advanced healthcare system, world-class research institutions, and vibrant startup scene. As Israel continues to solidify its position as a global leader in Longevity research and innovation, the platform aims to connect and engage a growing community of investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers interested in this field.

We encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of resources available on the platform, actively participate in the ecosystem, and become a part of the thriving Israeli Longevity community. By working together, we can help accelerate the growth and impact of the Longevity field, ultimately improving the quality of life for people around the world. If you are interested in contributing to the further evolution of the platform, arranging a meeting with us, or getting involved in our ongoing activities in the Israeli Longevity Industry Ecosystem, please get in touch with us here:



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